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Rates for Services at Awakening Nu Energy:




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Office Sessions

Sessions include:

Hypnosis, HypnoBirthing, Champissage, Cranial Unwinding, Indian Head, La Stone, Lymphatic Drainage,  Myo 7 Step, Neuromuscular, Pregnancy, Swedish Massage and Reiki

Champissage (Face Massage)   1 1/2 hour
La Stone Massage   1 1/2 hour
Indian Head Massage   1 hour

Neuromuscular Massage



Cranial Unwinding, Lymphatic Drainage, Myo 7 Step, Pregnancy, Swedish & Reiki   1 hour
AromaTouch Therapy 30 mins  $65

Purchase Packages In Office

Hypnobirthing Packages:


Complete course (consists of 5, 2.5-hour classes)
Instructor Assisting as a Birthing Companion* + 5 classes

*Please check availability.

Additional time is pro-rated. This is a discounted rate for clients who want weekly visits to help them control the ongoing expense of treatment.

Packages:  Good Towards All $65 Massages*             Gift Certificates Are Available

Per Session Cost
Number Of Sessions
Total Cost
$65 1 $65 $0
$62 2 $124 $6
$60 3 $180 $15


Hypnosis Packages

Per Session Cost
Number Of Sessions
Total Cost
Hypnosis Initial Consultation  1 1/2 hour 1 $140
Weight Loss Jump Start   1 hour (currently not offered) 3 $240
Stop Smoking                     1 hour 3 $300
Hypnosis                             1 hour    



*Gift certificates must be purchased before sessions start.


To honor my clients, I will do my best to start and end your session on time.

The client and my time are of equal value, therefore, all cancellations must be within 48 hours of your appointment. If this requirement is not met you will be charged $25 for the sessions cost and payment in full will be expected before any further sessions take place. If I should have to cancel my session in less than 24 hours then I will do my best to reschedule you during the same week. If I am not able to fit you into my schedule for the same week, I will give you a discount on your next session. These consequences will not be enforced in circumstances beyond reasonable control.

We accept payments via Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover. There is a $15 charge on all returned checks and future payments must be in cash.

In the future, scheduled sessions will be billed to your credit card, and canceled appointments or no shows will be charged a nonrefundable fee of $25.

Please read our Code of Ethics for more details.



Deals of the Day

Sunday Deal – Free Zyto with Aroma Touch Therapy. Zyto Scan is a hand cradle biofeedback devise that suggest oils that may be good for you. After the scan, you can review each oil and what it does to help heal the physical and emotional body. (It is not a medical device)

Monday’s Deal– From 9-12pm Previous clients Neuromuscular Massage $45

Tuesday Deal – 1st-time clients $45 for Neuromuscular Massage

Wednesday Deal – 1st Time Clients $45 for Neuromuscular Massage

Thursday Deal – AromaTouch Therapy $50 a 23% Savings

Friday Deal – Purchase and essential oil and receive a complimentary hot towel to warm your back

Saturday – Closed