Pain In Butt That Runs down Your Leg?

Pain In Butt that Runs Down Your Leg?

When Clients feel uncomfortable with getting their  Gluteal  or Butt massaged.

When I have client who feels uncomfortable with getting their gluteal (butt) muscles massaged, they soon lose their fear when they discover how much work their gluteal muscles are responsible for.  Do you have buttocks pain that runs down your leg?  If so read further to understand the importance of getting your buttock massaged before they become painful.

What does Your Gluteal Muscles Help You do?

There are ten buttock muscles four on the outer layer and 6 on the deep layer. These are the outer layer: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, tensor fasciae latae.  These are the deep lateral Rotaotors:  piriformis, obturator internus, obturator externus, quadratus femoris, gemellus superior, gemellus inferior.  We call them gluteal muscles to be more formal.  Your gluteal muscles help you to: walk, sit, stand, climb, run, squat and jump.  Without your gluteal maximus muscles you would not be able to stand.

Pain In Your Gluteal (Butt) Muscles Can Make You Miserable!

Pain in your gluteal muscles can cause pain in your lower back and pain that runs down your leg.  It can make your life miserable and make it impossible for you to find a comfortable position to be in.  It may even cause you to walk with a limp.  Some people may even be told they have bursitis when it is actually trigger points that are the cause of pain. http

 My Client’s Experience Who Massage For Gluteal (butt) pain.

I had a client who served in the military.  She told me how she carried heavy artillery in Iraq.  She came to see me because she had back pain, particularly her lower back and the pain ran down her leg.  I asked her if I could massage the gluteal muscles.  She said, “What, you mean my butt?”  I smiled and said, “Yes your butt.” She replied. “NO… I think my butt is ok.”  After I explained how much her gluteal muscles do and how it pain your butt could case lower back pain, she quickly changed her mind.

After she laid face down on the table, she continued to tell me about her experiences in Iraq and how traumatized she was.  When I found her trigger point and began releasing her sciatic nerve, she made a sigh of relief and lifted her head, turned in my direction and said, “Oh, and by the way that feels ammmazing.  I will make sure that I get my gluteal muscles massaged all the time now.”  I just laughed and felt very pleased that I could help her get rid of the pain in her butt.

So don’t take your gluteal muscles for granted and make sure you care for them, so they care for you.  In the end you will get rid of the pain in your Butt!

Written by Pamela Shippey January 5, 2014