Code of Ethics:

  1. My prime concern is for the well being of all clients. I will do my best to create a safe environment for my client.
  2. There will to be no verbal, physical or sexual abuse of any client. All communications with clients shall be done responsibly, truthfully and respectfully.
  3. Some people think that touch means sex. No sexual acts will occur and if there are such inquiries the massage session will end immediately.
  4. The client and I must by law maintain proper draping at all times without exposure to the breast if a woman and genitals areas of the body or crease of the buttocks for male and female.
  5. All advertising I do shall be truthful.
  6. I will acknowledge the limitations of my skills and scope of practice and refer clients, when necessary, to other health professionals to provide the most appropriate care.
  7. I will keep up to date with material and information in the field of massage therapy, spiritual healing and hypnotherapy.
  8. Prior to entering into any professional relationship I shall disclose to the client the nature of the therapy, the purpose of the therapy, the anticipated length of therapy and potential cost of the therapy. No service will be provided until the client signs an informed consent form and a commitment to work the program as long as he/she remains a client.
  9. All matters between my client and myself shall be confidential. No third party shall have access to information given to the therapist by the client. Exception A) When the client has granted permission in writing to divulge private information: B) Where life is at risk by withholding private information; or C) By instruction of law.
  10. I shall engage in hypnotic work with a client regarding a medical or mental disease only on written referral from an appropriately licensed medical or mental health professional, except when otherwise provided for by state law.
  11. I reserve the right to terminate my relationship with my client when the client can no longer benefit from continued service and shall not provide services if I do not have a good faith belief that the client will benefit from the provided services.
  12. To honor my clients I will do the best I can to start and end your session on time.
  13. The client and my time are of equal value therefore, all cancellations must be within 24 hours of our appointment. If this requirement is not met you will be charged the amount of the session and payment in full will be expected before any further sessions take place. If I should have to cancel my session in less than 24 hours then I will do my best to reschedule you during the same week and if there is not any room in my schedule to do this I will honor you with a free session. The consequences set before the client and me will not be enforced in circumstances beyond reasonable control.
  14. There will be a charge of $15.00 for all returned checks and payment must be in cash or by money order for future sessions.