What to Expect When You Get a Massage

What to Expect When You Get a Massage With ANUE

If this is your first massage or simply your first time at ANUE, you may have questions about what to expect. Below are some answers to the questions we are asked most frequently. If you have additional questions, feel free to email us .

How Do I Prepare for a Massage?

Wearing loose clothing, cotton or natural fibers is preferred. Do not eat, or drink caffeine at least an hour before the session. If it is possible, do not take medications before a session.

What Can I Expect from a Session?

During a session, the practitioner may use a variety of contacts on the body, some stretching and massaging to release muscles and trapped energy. The practitioner may also use creative imagery to guide the client gently through his or her own healing process.

The practitioner and the client together create a partnership and may process mental, physical, and emotional energy blocks. The practitioner also helps the client to integrate the mind, body, emotional, and spiritual essences to become as one. In this partnership, the client increasingly becomes empowered in his/her own healing. Each session is customized to each client and no two sessions are the same.

If you are coming for a massage you will undress to your comfort level and you will remain securely covered by a sheet at all times. It is best to remove all jewelry.

If you are coming for energy work or cranial unwinding you will remain fully clothed and only your shoes, belt, and jewelry need to be removed. It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing to provide for movement and stretching if necessary.

What Can I Expect After a Massage?

People who have done this type of work experience a range of emotions and feelings that may not be understood right away. Here I will attempt to cover a lot of those issues and bring them to the surface so you will have some idea of what to expect and how work at Awakening NU Energy can benefit you. When people have been in a co-dependent relationship there is what they perceive to be of normal behavior that is not always a healthy way of behaving. Therefore, there will be a range of emotions, feelings, body and mind responses that will come up. Some of them will not be new, understood, felt before, and may even be confusing. What the work at Awakening NU Energy is intended to do is to awaken the body, mind, emotions, and spiritual awareness to begin to open an understanding of how your inner being responds to the different experiences in life. Once this awareness is awakened, the client can begin the process of integrating the body, mind, emotions, and spiritual awareness and work towards becoming a whole being as you were when you entered into this life.

This naturally occurs after the body comes to a relaxed state, releasing tension and stress. Most people have lived in a state of tension and stress for all, if not most of their lives and they don’t understand what it feels like to relax. These clients are amazed at how relaxed they become after a session. Here is where the client begins to realize what their body feels like in a relaxed state. It is much easier to identify stress in the body when the body becomes relaxed from a stressful state. The client is asked to notice what it feels like for them to be relaxed and to pay attention to the body when it starts to become tensed and under stress. With each session, we identify areas of stress and tension so that the client can bring awareness to its cause and how they feel inside their being. As these feelings come up the client becomes more aware of the effects of what normal everyday living has on them and how their response takes them out of a relaxed state.

Exercises are given that are intended to help the client have tools to assist them in moving their energy into balance. These exercises are important for the clients to be able to move forward in their lives in a more graceful way. This allows them to grow and to be open to the possibilities, opportunities, and choices in life. The client is asked to look for a positive outlook on life and to recognize the small events in life that help them to be successful in their growth. It is the small things that create a difference and big changes in our lives. It is the small things that most often are overlooked. At Awakening NU Energy we call attention to the small events in your life so you can get the BIG “AH HA” that lets you know that your life is continually improving.

It is the hope of Awakening NU Energy that the client will use these tools to assist them in their lives to become strong in who they are and to be free of the stress that co-dependency has caused them in their life. It is also the hope that each client will tell their family, friends, and acquaintances how this program has assisted them in their recovery to becoming a whole person. This allows others the opportunity to experience and use the tools at Awakening NU Energy in their personal growth.