Massage and Hypnotherapy Reviews:

Sheila: “I believe after the trauma of brain surgery and the emotional struggle of nine years of dealing with my Parkinson’s disease I was out of balance. Pamela was able to assist me in the ongoing healing process. My exhaustion and weakness have gone, and with limited discretion I am now able to function with more emotional and physical balance.”

Kim: “When I came to Pamela, I was seeing doctors, my energy level was low and I was on way too many drugs. Through Pamela’s techniques I have prospered greatly in the physical, spiritual and emotional areas of my life and slowly weaned myself off of drugs.”

Warren: “My experience with Pamela has been one of the most positive occasions of my life. Pamela has addressed the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of my being. Her work with me has been beneficial and one of the best things I have done for myself.”

Carmen: “I have brought to Pamela inner child work and deep emotional wounding. I suffered with Polio at the age of two, resulting in struggle with physical limitations. My sessions with Pamela have been life changing.”

Shelly: ” Pamela Shippey has changed my life! I really am amazed at all the ways her healing comes during a session. She has truly found her calling and my time with her is very special.”

Cami: “I have been working with Pamela Shippey at Awakening Nu Energy for the last year and would like to share some one my experiences. One year ago I had many fears after going through an abusive relationship and I sought out the help of Pamela. I wanted my old self back, my power back and help coping with my children and life in general. I was experiencing overwhelming flashbacks of the abuse, which interfered with my daily life.

Working with Pamela has helped me release repressed feelings of fear, anger, sadness and resentments. I have learned relaxation techniques instilling a sense of well being. We used sounding to gain my voice back and release trapped emotions. Most importantly I have learned to stay in the present moment while viewing the past. Faith in myself has been restored giving me more confidence in caring for my family and myself. Working with Pamela has helped me realize I do not want my old self back but I want to work on myself now. I am changing my emphasis to the more loving and caring aspects of my life, looking forward.”

Susan: “Each appointment with Pamela have been remarkable. Her therapy techniques which include massage therapy, reiki & intuitive healing have alleviated my shoulder, neck, hip & leg pain. My pain was due to an automobile accident I had last year. After numerous weekly visits to my Chiropractor, I still did not have complete relief from this pain.

I went to your website “Visions of Heaven” looking for an alternative way to heal myself. Your list of Professional referrals, is how I found Pamela. I visited her website and found the helpful information I was hoping for. She is a kind & gentle spirit. Our spirits connected the first time we met.

I recommend her healing services to those who have tried other methods to relieve their pain.”


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