Massage Therapy in Arizona


Massage therapist in Tempe, Arizona.

Pamela at Awakening Nu Energy will help you to heal.

Learn to step into the present and claim a NU Energy. Awakening NU Energy is a place where dreams unfold as your stress unloads. A safe place to look within yourself for courage and love to open your heart. Rejuvenate new energy with guidance from a professional holistic healer, Pamela Shippey.

Pamela is a licensed massage therapist. Awakening Nu Energy has extensive experience treating conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, and plantar fasciitis. ANUE will even work directly with your insurance company for healing after a car accident.


Various massage techniques to integrate mind, body, and spirit

Together, you and Pamela will find and release the negative energy in the body replacing it with a positive attitude. This creates an opportunity for the body to be made whole. Pamela will teach you to listen to your body and provide techniques to help you live in the present and to become self-empowered.

We offer several types of massage therapy listed below. (Each term links to a longer explanation.) A session is customized to you, the client. Your therapist will help to choose the massage type best suited to your needs.


Massage Types Include:

Frequently Asked Questions: