Trigger Point Massage

Neuromuscular Massage for Trigger Points


Awakening Nu Energy offers quality trigger point massages

Awakening Nu Energy offers quality trigger point massages


Nueromuscular Massage Reduces Pain

The American Academy of Pain Management recognizes neuromuscular therapy (also called trigger point myotherapy) as an effective treatment for specific pain points. Neuromuscular massage can help the healing process in injuries, even old ones, by increasing circulation to the nervous system, which results in chronic pain being reduced and often eliminated. The pain from nerves compressed by soft tissue, bone or cartilage can be reduced through expert manipulation.


What Causes Trigger Points?

 Muscles have fibers that are divided into units called sarcomeres. There are millions of microscopic sacromeres units in a muscle and at the point they contract are considered a unit. Trigger points causes the sarcomeres in muscles to remain stretched and become a taunt band. The muscles can’t get full use if it’s strengthen in a contracted state when in gauging.


You could have a trigger point for years and never know it until you have an injury. Suddenly, you may not be able to move a muscle without pain. Stretching is good, however if you have trigger points you risk the possibility of hurting yourself if the muscle pulls tighter. The best thing to do is to have a trained therapist locate and release the trigger point.