Being Thankful Will Create Peace In Your Life

Being Thankful Will Create Peace In Your LIfe


It was just a few days before Thanksgiving and I was contemplating what I should  buy at the grocery store to cook for my family. In the pass before I learned about being thankful at a soul level, I would get up tight about hustling down to the store to pick up everything. I would get all tensed about making sure that everything was seasoned just right and timing everything so the food is prepared all at the same time.

Then I learned the secret to being thankful and how it has an effect on your body, mind and spirit when you are truly thankful for what you have.

It started several years ago about one week before Thanksgiving, I began to state to myself everything that I was grateful for. So when Thanksgiving came I got up at about 7:00 am leaving the rest of my family asleep, I went down to my kitchen and made me a cup of coffee and looked around and started stating what I was thankful for. I am thank for the floor I am standing on, the smell of my coffee, the curtains on my kitchen window, ect. I had this calmest and peace that felt like I had just dropped a muscle relaxer or a huge piece of chocolate. You know what I mean that kind of piece that just humbles you.

By the time my husband came down stairs to help me it about 10:45 am. He asked me if I needed any help as he looked around the kitchen he saw that the turkey, stuffing and candy yams was in the oven. The string beans and gravy was cooking on the stove. The table had the plates and silverware was placed in a nice stack on the table. All that needed be done is to get the condiments out. And get this the dishes that I used to prepare the food was washed, dried and put away. My dear husband looked around in amazement and said, you got everything all done.

That was the most peaceful Thanksgiving I have ever had. It was all because I decided to change my way of thinking. Imagine if everyone decided to do this at the same time. I am practicing thoughts of how thankful I am for where I am in this life now and even for what I don’t have, so I am prepared to have another wonderful and peaceful Thanksgiving this year too. And for you women who need to relax a little after Thanksgiving you can book a massage with Awakening Nu Energy be sure to ask for Pamela.

Get This, if you mention something about how Thankful you are about anything in your lives and mention reading this article, I will give you $10 off of your very next massage, if you book another appointment with me.


Be Thankful!