Therapeutic Massage for Athletes

Sports Therapy

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Are you an athlete? Have you ever considered using therapeutic massage as a form of therapy that is tailored to treat the needs of athletes? Did you know that massage for athletes is effective when used to treat conditions such as tendonitis, strains and sprains?

Athletes should consider incorporating the use of therapeutic massage to achieve specific goals, such as, increasing performance and decreasing or preventing injury. The benefit of using massage, gives your muscles a chance to recover and regenerate from the heavy exercise you undergo on a regular basis.

The important effects of therapeutic massage for athletes, include: improved circulation, muscle relaxation, general relaxation, the breaking up of adhesions, increased mental alertness and clarity, deactivating trigger points. From this treatment, an athlete can expect, greater energy, flexibility in range of motion, fast recovery and pain reduction. Another bonus of therapeutic massage is that the muscle will elongate which allows the muscle to get the full strength it needs to function at peak performance.

Let’s not forget the wonderful relaxation and stress relief the whole body will appreciate!

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