Therapeutic Massage for the Elderly

Therapeutic massage for the elderly has several physical and mental benefits.Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

The results can be improved health  and overall general well-being. Techniques used for seniors differ greatly from those used with younger individuals so as a therapeutic massage therapist, I strive to understand those differences in order

to better treat my patients.

Massage for the elderly usually involves gentle stroking, kneading, and the application of light pressure on specific points. Studies show that therapeutic massage facilitates communication and relaxation, and therefore can be an effective therapy in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. The manipulation of specific points on the body has also been known to promote natural lubrication of joints, assisting in the pain management of patients suffering from the stiffness of arthritis. Better blood circulation, improved posture and decreased depression are also great benefits of therapeutic massage for the elderly.


As a potential client, I recommend you receive permission from your physician to proceed with therapeutic massage, especially if you have a specific medical condition. As with any population, there are certain conditions that are not recommended for massage, hence the importance of communication with your doctor.

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